NameFuture Bridge Partners Co. Ltd.
Address4F 2nd Taiyo Building, 1-3-9 Kudan-Kita Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, Japan 102-0073
Paid Capital3,000,000 Yen
EstabiliedMarch, 2009
RepresentiveKengo Nagahashi, Ph.D.
DirectorKen'ichi Aibe
Business OverviewManagement Consulting
Risk Assesment
Business Administration
Oversea Consulting
Web Site Operation


Kengo Nagahashi,Ph.D. (Representive): Kengo Nagahashi received Ph.D. degee in Computer Science from Univ. of Tokyo 2005. After working as post-doc fellow at Computer Laboratory at University of Cambridge, he joined Nikko Citi Group as Security Analyst to seek business opportunity as an analyst. After 3 years of experience as an analyst, he launch Future Bridge Partners Co. Ltd. on March, 2009 to broad his knowledge and experience as an analyst and industry specialist. He is currently working as Management Consultant to support Business Administration, IT Strategy and Management Strategy for SMB and Big Company mainly in Japan. He published several books including “How to understand Network”(Kodansha, 2008), “Playbook for IT company strategy” (ShuwaSystem,2011), “Big Data Strategy”(Shuwa System,2012) and “Smart Phone Business Model”(Shuwa System,2013).

Ken’ichi Aibe (Director): During his enrollment at Keio University on 1999, he joined Ikyu.com, later named most famous on-line travel Reservation Company in Japan, as start-up stage. His carrier at Ikyu.com had been ranged from new customer development across Japanese Hotels, Head of Investors Relations and Oversea development especially China. In his China Market development, his introduced Weibo(Chinese Twitter) to Ikyu.com and reached 300 thousands of followers from Chinese Weibo Users. To maximize his carrier in oversea, he established company of 7IBD at Hong Kong and became a board member of Future Bridge Partners Co. Ltd. on 2013.